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This could be a sweeping project.

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The Universal Body Of Humanity Front Cover

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A Plea To All Humanity

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“That when surrounded by greatness, your own greatness shines.”

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The Universal Body of Humanity

On August 29th 2010, I watched George Clooney receive the Bob Hope Humanitarian Award, as part of the Emmy Awards ceremony.

George Clooney said that we are all failing the places in need, because after the cameras and the media left them, so does the attention of the world, but these places are still suffering.

George Clooney said that it will be a real accomplishment if someone could come up with an idea of how to carry on giving these places the attention they need although, they are no longer in the spot light.

I think of Humanity, as one body, not un-similar to our own personal physical body. The singular affects the whole, and the whole affects the singular, so if we are conscious of Humanity’s body, we will acknowledge the aching parts, the diseased parts, within their own song they will guide us and tell us what we need to do, to get the whole body better.

And how do we listen?

Firstly, we must have the intention and the willingness to listen. To dare and hear that which might not be pleasant to face, that which might asks us to do something, to get involved.

Secondly, Earth has become like a village. Travel and communication are easier than ever – we can have anonymous informers, as well as known informers. We can put people to work, who could listen to the pulse of all places, just like a cardiologist listens to the pulse of several places throughout our body, to indicate to him/her if our heart is working in a good order.

There are already so many groups, forces, and even the United Nations, that have access to information about everywhere in the world, so it is just a matter of making it known.

The Internet is a good place to start, as most able people and nations are certainly using it – surely, there are caring people among them?

A dedicated web-site that will have the map of the world on it, and for visitors to have the option to raise a red flag, that will indicate a major problem, together with information about it – like filling a quick contact form.

Let us be conscious of our Human Body, let us be conscious of its Well-Being.

Help each other.

Listen to each other, and Go Strong.

A Plea to All Humanity - Are We Going To Do Something?